Vive® Rejuvenation Clinic

Vive® Rejuvenation Clinic is a medical skin rejuvenation clinic, offering medical and aesthetic services including dermatology, laser, injectables, and professional skincare. 


Dr. Pat Connick is accepting new patients with skin conditions, and she runs an acne management clinic. 

Dr. Wendy Tink includes the Vive® clinic in the medical residency

rotation and is accepting new patients with chronic migraine. Over the past 12 years, our commitment to our clients has been to offer quality, innovation and safety in a welcoming, professional environment. 


We provide customized treatment plans and skin care recommendations, tailored to their specific needs, to ultimately improve their skin health and feel confident. We recognize the rejuvenation process is a step-wise journey, which may include a variety of treatment options over time. 


The Vive® Team, comprised of highly skilled and experienced family physicians, health professionals and excellent client care staff are fully committed to providing support and working with our clients to help them achieve their rejuvenation goals and realize their full potential to “Look and Feel Fabulous”.


CALL: 403.237.8428


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